Category: Family Law

Why Should I Mediate?

As a litigating attorney, I have gleaned certain important insights into the benefits of settlement and mediation.  First, let me explain the benefits of settling a claim in advance of full litigation by informal settlement negotiations and then I will discuss the benefits of attempting mediation. Litigation Costs— One major benefit is reducing litigation costs. [..]

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A Grandparent’s Guide to Child Custody

As we all know, divorces can be messy and affect more people than just the marriage and any children in the family. Sometimes it affects grandparents’ involvement in the life of the children. This often evidences itself one of two ways: wanting visitation rights, or maintaining partial rights over a child’s living situation and related [..]

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Divorce Tips: Helping your attorney help you

There are few experiences in an individual’s life more inherently stressful and worrisome than a divorce. Perhaps never is a person more vulnerable to losing not only a spouse, but also one’s children, home, and assets. While your fears may never be totally alleviated, one of the best mechanisms for reducing these inherent risks is [..]

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