Business Law

Business Law Bethune | EnrightOwning a business is more complicated than ever. You must understand and follow laws at the local, state, and federal level or risk fines that can put you out of business. Of course, if you take the time to do that, you’ll never actually have time to run your business. We will help you comply with the law and use it to your advantage so that you can focus on what’s most important to you.

Business Formation

The choice of whether to remain a sole proprietorship, whether to form a corporation or LLC, or which partnership structure to use can have long-lasting effects on how you run your business and how you are able to raise new investments. We help businesses evaluate their goals and growth plans to choose the most appropriate structure. We then prepare and file the appropriate paperwork. We can also assist you with annual filing requirements as well as any other ongoing needs related with your business structure.


Contracts are one of the most important aspects of business because they dictate what will happen in every interaction with customers and vendors. Even when you don’t have a formal contract, there is an implied contract based on business customs and relevant laws. We help make sure that your contracts are a tool that can help your business grow and strengthen your relationships with everyone you do business with.

Employee Matters

Once you start hiring employees, you need to worry about labor laws, anti-discrimination and harassment laws, healthcare requirements, and other human resources matters. We help you implement the appropriate policies and procedures to give your employees a healthy work environment while protecting your business against employee lawsuits.

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