Business Litigation

Business Litigation Bethune | EnrightBusiness disputes are almost inevitable no matter what field you are in. A customer will be dissatisfied, a vendor will deliver late, or someone will disagree about the meaning of a contract term. When these disputes happen, we will help you to resolve them in a cost-effective manner while also considering the impact the issue has on your business’s future.

Contract Enforcement

Most disputes are (or should be) covered by a contract. Often, the resolution is as simple as pulling out the contract and going over its terms with the other party. Sometimes, a letter from your lawyer can help to show you are serious about following the contract. We can also help you prepare legal arguments when business customs or local laws should fill any gaps in the contract.

Dispute Resolution

There are many ways to resolve a dispute that are more cost-effective than going to court. Informal negotiations should almost always be the first step because even if you don’t get everything you’re entitled to, pursuing the matter further might not be worth the cost. You may also want to consider agreeing to arbitration or mediation to help break any deadlocks in negotiations.

Court Claims

When amicable agreements aren’t possible, you have the right to have a local court resolve your dispute. We can help you determine the appropriate court to use based on the location of the other party and the issue that’s being disputed. We will also help you prepare the necessary paperwork, gather evidence, and guide you through each stage of the pretrial process. While we will continue to seek a settlement, we are prepared to take your case to a jury when necessary to protect your interests.

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