Family Law

Family LawOur firm is dedicated to helping individuals through the often difficult emotional and financial difficulties of family law cases.  Cases involving divorce, child conservatorship, child support, adoption, and guardianship can be complex and emotionally draining.  The attorneys at our firm strive to help our clients get the results and closure that they desire.


In a divorce, there are usually considerations for property division and considerations for the welfare of the children of the marriage.  Coming to an agreement amongst the parties regarding these complex issues can be difficult, time consuming, and emotionally draining.  The attorneys at our firm seek to reduce the burden on our clients to help them come to the best resolution possible.  Moreover, if agreements cannot be made amongst the parties, litigation will ensue and our attorneys will develop the best strategy for your case.

Suits Affecting the Parent Child Relationship

Individuals who have children together outside of marriage who then break up often seek court orders to determine the custody (conservatorship), visitation (possessory periods), and child support for their mutual children.  As with divorce, the time and emotional toil in coming to an agreement or litigating can be considerable for individuals.  Our attorneys help clients through this process so that they can get enforceable orders to govern the care and maintenance of their children.

Petitions to Modify

Once family law orders are in place, modifications of custody (conservatorship), visitation (possessory periods), child support, etc. are often needed as individuals’ circumstances change.  Our attorneys help clients to get the results they desire.

Other Family Law Issues

In addition to the cases listed above, our firm offers services in adoption, guardianship, enforcement of orders, common law marriages, putative marriages, name changes, etc.