Oil and Gas

Oil & Gas Bethune | EnrightIf you’re involved in the oil and gas industry or if you have land with oil reserves, you need an attorney who is knowledgeable about the specific Texas and federal laws that apply to the industry. We have experience representing both energy companies and landowners and can assist you with all legal matters related to oil and gas development including the following.

Land Rights

Texas property rights are often divided between use of the surface land and access to any underlying resources. When resource rights are sold off, there are often express or implied easements allowing for a drill site to be established. We help with land purchases and sales including with title research to ensure that the appropriate rights are being transferred. We also assist in lease enforcement and resolving disputes over how the land is being used.


Royalty payments for oil development are simple in theory but frequently lead to disputes. This includes both allegations of underpayment due to improper measurement as well as situations where development is not happening as quickly as the landowner expected. We provide representation in both contract negotiations to help prevent these disputes from happening and contract enforcement to help resolve existing disputes.

Environmental Issues

Strict environmental regulations are imposed on oil and gas development, and it’s important that it’s clear which party is responsible for environmental cleanup. Proper care must also be taken to protect water resources and comply with water rights restrictions. Our firm assists landowners and developers with their environmental compliance obligations. We also provide representation in regulatory actions as well as in environmental disputes between private parties.

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