Beeville County CourtTexas has a simplified probate process that allows estates to be executed more quickly and at a reduced legal cost when compared to other states. However, there are many situations where an estate must still pass through probate at least as a formality. We can help you determine the procedures that apply to your loved one’s estate and guide you through the probate process.

Estate Administration

The purpose of the probate process is to verify estate planning documents and ensure the orderly distribution of the assets in the estate. We walk you through this process so that you don’t need to worry about learning unfamiliar legal procedures while you’re dealing with the loss of a loved one. We also help with asset valuation and the resolution of any conflicting will provisions.

Dealing with Creditors

While family members aren’t responsible for a loved one’s debts, creditors often have priority over an inheritance, and the law requires that creditors be notified before an estate is distributed. We can help check the legal validity of any claims by creditors. We will also work to shield any assets that are legally protected from creditors.

Will Contests

Probate is also the time to resolve any challenges to a will or other estate planning documents. This can include disputes over which estate planning document is the most up-to-date version as well as whether specific provisions are legally valid. Claims that a loved one did not have the mental capacity to update their estate planning documents may also be made. We will work to help you resolve these complex legal issues.

If you need an experienced attorney to guide you through the probate process, call us today to schedule a consultation. We help clients located in Beeville and San Antonio as well as the surrounding communities.